For people with obesity, the main cause of uncontrolled appetite, accompanied by sedentary. If obesity is going to be very difficult to lose weight, if not resolved, weight loss is almost ineffective. So why obese people hard to lose weight? Find out the opinions of experts.

Opinion of experts

According to a recent study, after digestion of large amounts of nutrients, the mechanism of action of the stomach has become familiar with this mode, so it is difficult to return to normal operation. The author of the study. “In mice on a high fat diet, Leptin was less sensitive to signaling to the brain that the body was full. It means that obese people will have to eat more than normal people to feel full. “That is why obese people have difficulty losing weight.

At the same time, research has shown that obese people are more likely to return to a diet rich in fat, which is an obstacle to weight loss. Evidence also in that study, researchers divided into three groups of mice, tested in 24 weeks. One group fed a properly-fed, non-fat-free diet, for 12 weeks followed by a standardized diet for the next 12 weeks. Results showed that Leptin was less sensitive to rats on a high fat diet and then switched to a standard diet.

This also explains why fat people often return to a diet rich in fat like before. And this also means that people who are overweight are more likely to lose weight than obese people.

Need to change habits

If you want to lose weight, obese people should change their habits of exercise, eat properly to lose weight, otherwise it will cause a series of diseases caused by obesity. Should spend more time exercising morning from 30-1h every day. Cut down on fats, only eat foods that are high in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals but still lose weight. One of the most important factors is to focus, set a clear goal, which will help motivate, the way to make weight loss easier.

For people who lose weight, the most important precondition is the determination, optimism and comfort to apply weight loss. Without goals, determination will be very difficult to lose weight. People who are overweight at normal levels should regularly exercise, limit appetite, regularly control their weight for proper weight loss before it is too late.


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