Why do lonely people die?

Nobody likes feeling lonely, and some recent research suggests that the ache of isolation isn’t only a psychological problem; unwanted solitude impacts physical health, too.


Nobody likes feeling lonely, and some recent research suggests that the ache of isolation isn’t only a psychological problem; unwanted solitude impacts physical health, too.


Old lady died 6 months in the house no one knows

The 89-year-old’s memory died cold on the kitchen floor and was discovered only after six months of decay, revealing an insight into the loneliness of the old man. This unfortunate old man living in Sydney, Australia, has written thousands of diaries of loneliness when living alone in the four walls.

Her diary said: “Back home from the store in a heavy state, the whole body is based on my stick, I wonder whether old age is a blessing or a curse? Finally, death will be a blessing but no one will recognize it. ”

She studied medicine, married an Egyptian, doing translation work in Morocco before her husband migrated to Australia in 1957. Two have no children. In 2001, the husband passed away, ended the happy days and opened up the extreme loneliness of her life.

Getting a smile and a good day, or a helping hand is a rare thing and it’s special to see a white whale, “she wrote in her diary.

Loneliness is a dangerous disease for mankind. In one way or another, it is ruining human health. In the case of her grandmother mentioned above, the loneliness as the torture. To many, loneliness is directly affecting their health.

Dying for loneliness is twice as obese

Professor Robert Putnam at Harvard University says, “The most important part of happiness is the feeling of being connected to the world around us.” According to this comment, in the opposite direction, loneliness is the culmination of unhappiness.

It is alarming that once “loneliness”, “sick child” will fall into the vicious circle. Lonely people lose confidence so they are afraid of social activities and thus isolate themselves.

More and more people are facing loneliness and living in isolation in old age, an older study for the International Center for Aging (ILC-UK) said.

According to data analysis, by 2030 the UK will have about 65% of the elderly living alone. It is noteworthy that the tendency for women to die earlier than men is soaring and this is called “the crisis of changing the age structure of men and women”.

An independent study shows that loneliness increasingly threatens Britain, killing 700,000 men and 1.1 million women over 50. And this number is increasing dramatically with amazing speed.

Social isolation forms the potential for premature death in humans as if we were smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Other studies have found that dying from loneliness doubles the number of deaths from obesity.

According to the latest research, loneliness is not just the feeling that it is classified as a physiological need because feeling lonely and feeling hungry is governed by the same brain organ.

Research by Professor John Cacioppo of the University of Chicago (USA) on the theme of Biological Changes in Loneliness, shows that lonely people have a thicker blood vessel wall, leading to high blood pressure; The body’s inflammation and memory loss.

“Prescription drugs” against loneliness

Experts also advise that lonely people begin to “heal” by “tattooing” themselves like massage, hair care … At the same time always relax, clean the house clean, Tidy to make the place where you feel safe.

Emily White, author of Loneliness: Learning to Live Alone, advises, “Find and pursue meaningful jobs. Voluntarily do things that interest you. If you are really interested in what you are doing, you will be connected to the people you are interacting with every day. ”

Treatments can be as simple as finding lonely people over you, attending hobby halls, or simply running out of cafés. It is important to step out of the house and try to communicate with others.

In the information age, lonely elderly people are encouraged to go online because you can find long lost relationships or build new relationships.



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