As the name implies, erectile dysfunction (ED) occurs when a man is unable to achieve or maintain an erection long enough for sexual intercourse. To explain what causes ED though, we’ll need to briefly talk about how an erection occurs.

At its most basic, achieving an erection is all about blood flow. First, muscles in the penis relax, which increases blood flow to arteries. Blood also flows into two large chambers in the penis known as the corpora cavernosa, which causes it to become rigid and stand erect. Consequently, an erection ends when the muscles contract and force the blood out, leading to a flaccid penis.

But what can interrupt this process and lead to erectile dysfunction? Here’s where things become much more complex. According to

“Normal erections require a complex and delicate balance of many bodily functions, all finely tuned and working together – psychological, hormonal, neurological, vascular and general health factors. Any disruption or imbalance of one or more can compromise erection quality.”

As such, there are literally dozens of different causes of ED, including certain diseases (especially those that affect circulation), stress and anxiety, relationship issues, depression and other mental health concerns, smoking cigarettes, drug and alcohol use, and much more. Is inflammation among these?

The Truth About Inflammation & Erectile Dysfunction

According to the ED Conqueror video, “The cause of ED is just as simple: The corpora cavernosa doesn’t relax. That means blood can’t flow freely, so your penis won’t engorge and you won’t get an erection.” Is there any truth to this?

First, it’s important to clarify that the corpora cavernosa doesn’t relax when you achieve an erection. Instead, the arteries and capillaries that feed the corpora cavernosa relax, causing it to fill with blood. So from this aspect, the answer is no.

Second, it’s thought that inflammation in general is the cause of most diseases and medical problems we experience, so it might seem reasonable that inflammation might also cause erectile dysfunction though a process known as vasoconstriction.

However, although there might be some clinical evidence showing a direct link between inflammation and ED (we didn’t come across the Oxford University study referenced in the ED Conqueror video), it’s far from scientific fact.

Regardless of this fuzzy effectiveness, is there anything contained in the ED Conqueror system that can help reduce your inflammation?

How Effective Are ED Conqueror’s Foods?

Compared to what we’ve discussed so far, the answer to this question is fairly straightforward: There’s no way to know. Why?

Because other than that ED Conqueror features 12 different foods with which you can make a sandwich, we’re not told anything about what these foods are or how they work—despite the very long video presentation. But in general, are there any foods out there that can treat your erectile dysfunction?

The foods that can address your ED are the same ones almost any doctor or nutritionist will recommend for optimal health (not just related to erectile dysfunction), including  “fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, [while] avoid[ing] red meat and processed grains.” This can reduce “your risk of common vascular problems that are caused by high cholesterol, high blood sugar, [and] high triglyceride levels.”

Eating the right foods in the right proportions can also help you lose weight, which is another major contributor to ED.

But are there any specific foods that work better than others, such as the 12 mentioned in the ED Conqueror video? There don’t appear to be.

Putting this major concern aside for a second, how much does ED Conqueror cost?

Treatment solution

Instead of providing a supplement that contains ingredients to relief* symptoms of erectile dysfunction, ED Conqueror is a “system”, developed by Michael Steel, that aims to take a different root to treating erectile dysfunction, compared to traditional methods. In the sales letter of the program, Michael claims* that erectile dysfunction is not caused by factors commonly associated with the condition, such as low levels of testosterone and mental conditions. He also claims* that the condition is not something that should be treated through expensive medication.

How ED Conqueror Works?

In the sales letter of the program, Michael reports that Oxford University has found a more accurate cause behind the development of erectile dysfunction. He also claims* that he discovered this solution while seeking a natural remedy for a stomach ache. Unfortunately, Michael does not reveal the specific ingredient he boasts about in the sales letter. He does, however, mention that his program will present a recipe for a simple sandwich that includes the ingredient and can, according to Michael, more effectively treat* impotence.

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The Benefits Of ED Conqueror

  • The program claims* that the “secret” ingredient revealed in the presentation will provide relief* of the symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction in as little as 24 hours.
  • Michael, the author of the program, claims* that the system can provide users with iron-hard erections that can be obtained on-demand.
  • The “secret” ingredient that is revealed in the presentation is reported to be all-natural, does not cost a lot of money and does not cause any adverse effects.

Drawbacks Of ED Conqueror

  • Mixed reviews on the system is available on the internet, with the majority of reviews claiming the system is useless or “a waste of money”.
  • The system can only be obtained via an online portal and is not available elsewhere on the internet (or offline).
  • The ingredient that the author claims* to “cure*” erectile dysfunction is not revealed in the sales letter, which means we are unable to determine the effectiveness of this ingredient or associate any medical studies with it.  ?GET IT HERE: ED Conqueror

Final Verdict

While most erectile dysfunction treatment options involve the consumption of a capsule that contains active ingredients in order to relief* the symptoms, ED Conquerer comes in the form of a presentation that reveals a “secret” ingredient reported (by the author of the program) to instantly cure* impotence and provide on-demand erections. No information on the “secret ingredient” could be found on the sale’s letter of the program or on external review sites, which makes it difficult to determine whether this program could be effective or not. As we cannot make a final decision on the effectiveness or safety of the program, we advise that potential users take caution when using the program in order to first ensure the revealed “secret ingredient” could pose as an effective treatment option and not lead to adverse effects.

Below you will find the most effective male enhancement products being sold today. The ranking is based on crucial factors including active ingredients, benefits offered, affordability and how fast the effects are. Of course, we carefully researched the science behind each product making sure that it is clinically proven to be effective and safe. Ultimately, we were able to determine the overall value of each male enhancement product allowing us to rank them.


What’s the Bottom Line About ED Conqueror?

Here at HighYa, we’ve reviewed many popular e-books sold through Clickbank, including Slash High Blood Pressure, Sciatica SOSThe ED Miracle, and dozens more. And nearly all of them come with 2-star or lower customer ratings, based on complaints of failure to provide results and difficulty obtaining refunds.

In fact, one of the most common complaints related to these it’s-so-revolutionary-but-so-easy e-books, whether through Clickbank or other similar companies, is that most (if not all) of the exact same information can be found online, for free, with a simple search.

And based on our experience, this is exactly what these “authors” do; they simply spend a couple hours gathering easily accessible online information, cram this information into a poorly-written e-book, create a hype-filled video, and make a ton of money in the process.

Considering all of this, it’s our opinion that you’ll get very little value for your money with ED Conqueror. Instead, we think you’d be much better off making an appointment with your doctor, who can formulate a treatment plan based on your specific diagnosis.

Or, you can simply try searching online for “foods that treat erectile dysfunction” or “health tips for reducing ED,” which will only take a few minutes and won’t cost you a penny

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