1/The effect of salt in dissolving belly fat

In the past, people used salt as a way to reduce abdominal fat, strengthen abdominal muscles, relieve pain from nerve damage … Previously, people in VietNam often apply the method of fat reduction with hot roasted salt. However, now you can combine roasted salt with natural ingredients such as ginger, wormwood to improve efficiency.

Why reduce belly fat with salt for good effect?

– Hot salt will generate heat and keep heat for a long time, thus contributing to fat dissolution, tightening of the abdomen, preventing skin slack and sagging.

– Salt exfoliates dead cells, expands the pores and nourishes the nutrients to penetrate the skin quickly.

– Salt brings the ability to warm and soften abdominal muscles, preventing the development of constipation and gynecological diseases.

The rich mineral content in the salt helps tighten pores, free radicals, purify and fight against the aging process.

2 / Ways to reduce belly fat at home with salt

The fastest way to lose belly fat at home with roasted salt

The way to reduce belly fat with roasted salt is very simple so you can apply it regularly every day. Try rolling on immediately to see the size of the belly reduced significantly!

How to reduce belly fat with roasted salt at home

Preparation: 1 small salt bowl + 1 cotton cloth


You roast very hot salt and then wrapped in cotton (choose a breathable fabric, but thick enough to avoid skin damage due to heat).

– Apply a bag of salt roasted on the abdomen until the heat is gradually reduced, the bag cooled down.

– Apply to reduce belly fat at home with roasted salt for about a month you will see some changes.

Tips to reduce belly fat at home with salt and wormwood effectively

Reducing belly fat with salt and wormwood is a simple way to lose belly fat, which you should not ignore. Wormwood and salt are two popular folk remedies.

How to reduce belly fat with salt and worm effectively

Preparation: 1 small bowl of salt + 1 kg of wormwood


Worm clean, dry, roast on the stove until dark. Next, pour the salt water into the pan and simmer for a few minutes until the mixture is dark yellow.

Pour this mixture into a thick towel (to prevent skin burns) and wrap it. Next, apply salt on your belly, apply it evenly and gently. The heat from the wormwood salted salts will dissipate excess belly fat.

How to reduce belly fat at home after birth with ginger salt

The way to reduce belly fat with ginger and salt is a good way to lose belly fat. Ginger’s roasted salt improves blood circulation, which helps blood vessels work continuously causing the abdomen to shrink.

How to reduce belly fat after birth with ginger salt

Preparation: 1 kg fresh ginger + 1 small salt bowl


– Roasting salt with ginger has been chopped

– Next you wrap the mixture over with a thick cotton towel and apply gently around the abdomen.

Salt massage helps dissolve belly fat effectively at home

When you massage the belly with salt will help remove dead skin cells, help detoxify, remove excess water to make the belly more smooth and flat. Regularly perform this method of tanning at home, you will feel the waist size changes considerably.

Reduce fat by using salt massage

Preparation: Sea salt (fine and fine), water


Prepare a little salt water so that the paste mixture does not dissolve. Apply this mixture to the abdomen and gently rub.

Use the force of the hand to massage gently until the abdomen begins to warm up. Each time you take this method about 10 minutes will help you improve your round 2.


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