Have you ever wanted to return to the Middle Ages? Oh, the old days when life was so simple. It’s great to have someone throw it
You scratch and ask you to dig potatoes all day.
Life would be great if you were not pressured into deciding your career. Never, you just
To be told: ‘You are a blacksmith. You are the beer baster. She is a princess. ‘

There is no ambiguity at all. You just keep digging potatoes, and life is easy. Is it right?
But drill. What if you do not like to dig potatoes?

Hard, young. Who do you think you are? Singer rong?

You have very few choices. So please accept it. But it is not what you want, right? What you want is to stop feeling ambiguous for the future.

You want to make sure you are doing what you were born for and you will succeed when doing it.

If you feel so overwhelmed and unsure when you think you have to find the problems right away, come to me. I will tell you why you are vague, why this ambiguity is good for you and what you must do to get the feeling of happiness and excitement in life.

Origin of ambiguity in you

Eight years ago, every summer, I gathered kids to set up camps and camp on the Appalachian Mountains in Northern California. We go deep go into the forest for 22 days, bring food and drink water from the creek.

We walk an average of 4 miles a day, and students learn to navigate. I do not guide them, they have to learn for themselves
How to ‘read the information’ from the ground, using a map and a compass to avoid getting lost.

The Appalachians are one of the most difficult places in the world. There was a time when mountains were even higher than the Himalayas.

The weather has sharpened them into beautiful, beautifully curved lands. There are very few places that can climb to use the tam measurement And in the summer, the sumptuous leaves can make us see no more than a tenth of a mile.

As a result, the winding ridges look exactly the same. And we need to practice to be able to read subtle differences this land.
Besides, the map we use is also new 20 years ago. For 20 years, a building may have been altered.
Roads and rails can also be diverted. So you can not believe the map

Finally, the compass we used to go with a hundred students has become overwhelmed. Sometimes the compass does not work well, sometimes it stops working.

I can not believe completely in the compass. Imagine a dozen 14-16 year olds, none of whom have ever done such a thing in their life (we have not touched the map yet), going through the forest with limited ability to understand the world around them. with inaccurate maps and a compass capable of not working.

Again, I’m not the only way for them. They work together and find a way after I teach some basic skills.

If they make a mistake, they will get lost. They must learn fast or have to walk 10 miles more because of the mistake they make. This is bad for me because I have to go all the way, even though I know they have strayed.

Why do I let them lose? What does it mean?
Actually, no, it would make sense.

An important skill to navigate is how to find out you are lost, recognize where you are and what you do next. If I help them or they think I will help, they will stop thinking seriously.
By letting them lose, I teach them more than pointing out which paths are right.

Do you find it similar to yourself?
You are doing the same thing right now

Why do you feel vague about your career?

You are trying to read out the ambiguous direction between many careers with limited knowledge.

Should I take the law school? What is the difference between a business lawyer and an entertainer with a defense lawyer?

I want to play with children. Should I be a teacher, a social activist, pediatrician or an escort instructor?

Should I take an MBA to start my own business?
I have learning, but where is my stop?

When you do not know what a real job is, other things will fade before your eyes. In other words, each mountain looks exactly the same. So how do you choose?

Moreover, you also have an old map 20 years ago. Many people trained for careers will become obsolete in the next 10 years. If you learn to be a librarian in a library, now you are finding yourself fooled.

Technology is changing the roadmap of all roads and railways we use centuries. What would you do if you invested in learning and practicing a profession that would have disappeared within a decade?

And do you remember the broken compass?
Do you know that youth only lasts up to 25 years for normal people? When your brain is becoming functional, that’s when your youth is over, biologically. Previously, the brain was not yet fully equipped to manage risk strategically and make predictable decisions by applying past knowledge to the present.

That also means, before that time, the brain is not a good compass.
Now, when do most of us decide on our careers? When we are in college in the 19-20 range.
We have put ourselves under social and financial pressure at the age of 20 to promote inner guidance to lead us to a decision to bring ourselves to a stop where we call fate.
But we do not even let them decide whether they can get a drink at dinner.
Does this have any implications?

It is obvious that when I talk to my parents about the 20-something-a-days, they are deeply concerned that their fun, talented kid seems to be disoriented. ‘Where did we go wrong?’ They asked.
You are not alone if you are in the forest with the limited ability to analyze it, hold the unbelievable map, and use a faulty compass.

Why is it that your ambiguity about your career is not strange?

Have you ever looked back on your life and wondered, ‘How can I get here? Is this where I want to go or just where I end?
Panic embraces you when you find yourself lost and vague.
Oh my God. I made a big mistake. How can I be so stupid?
Guess what I tell students when they lose?

Congratulations! I did very well! This is great, and now you’re in for a big chance.
Why getting lost is a good thing.
Congratulations, since you’ve got the experience you’ve never had before. You are not going to explore this path and discover the waterfall, but you have done it. If you do otherwise, you will never see it. You did not waste time. You get the views and the way you work.
You did well because you found yourself lost. Many people never do that. Or as they realize, they just ignore it, stabbing their head in the wrong direction forever.

You are great because you are aware of it AT THIS TIME. It’s a skill. No one can use that skill so well.
You are great because you are thinking. You are great for being brave enough to see the truth.
The vague feeling does not say that you made a mistake. It tells you that you are about to do something right.
This is great because you have the practice to realize where you are and where you want to go. Not everyone has the opportunity
present. Not because it does not come to them but they evaded it.

Learning how to recognize where you are and deciding where you want to go can scare you if you do not usually do it. You may feel numb and decide wrongly.
To feel successful in life, you must learn to become an expert on it. Parents, couples, students,
academics, pilots, presidents, commanders, and artists – to succeed must learn to recognize when they are going off course and decide on the next course.

Recognizing that you are straying is really exciting! Now you will create a completely new capability. What a wonderful opportunity!

What to do next?

Obviously, you care about your life and your career, otherwise you are not so vague. Ambiguity only occurs when you are concerned. When you do not care about anything, you just say ‘whatever’.

‘Whatever is’ is not ambiguity.

But you are not sure. So, you did.

Celebrate yourself and be full of energy. Your life is full of possibilities. You can do anything you want.
Now, find an expert for advice. The great navigators love sharing their knowledge. They are proud of what they learn. And they understand how difficult orientation.

Look around you. Do you see who gets the career you want? If not, try searching the internet. Find someone.

Ask them how to get there. Ask them about what they have learned on their way. What is the most important lesson? What motivates them? What is difficult and easy? What do they love about their work and their mission? They face these
any challenge?

Besides, if you like talking to them and can help them identify challenges, ask for help. Use the talent or skills you have (what you learn when you get lost) to help them, maybe they will also want to help you.

If you do not like talking to that person, watch until you find someone with a career for you inspiration and you want to talk with them.

Look for yourself a coach. This person can be paid or not. That may be the one who inspired you. Whoever they are, they need to know where you are and want to sincerely want to help you without any judgment.

Their identities should not be talked about in this regard, which is why parents are not a good choice. Even the loving parents are not a good coach. They have barriers because they stick with your past. You need someone who can focus on the present and the future.

When you get lost, they should not fix you. You need someone to watch when you are mad and have the belief that the pain of cognition is necessary for your learning. They will help you, not save you.

In the way lost, if you have a job or school. Be there and stand out. Promote enthusiasm and talent in every job and interaction. You know the current situation is not forever. Any experience or skill you have will only make you stronger and more stable when you decide what to do next.

The future will be bright, you know

Okay, buddy. I’m excited for you. It’s time to move on and lead you to the future. Finally, no matter what way you go, you are still creating your life. Enjoy it.
Nothing more affects your life than you do. When you decide to do something, you will not stop. There is no dream higher than you. You have creativity that will push you and push you, and push you to burst.

You just wake up and see the truth. Do not go back to sleep anymore. Do not let you be happy with less than what you deserve.

Do not confuse the ambiguity with the mistake.
You are in exactly the right place, and the right time to experience everything you are looking for.

Focus on what you have learned, focus on what you can give. Focus on what you do best. Focus on your joy.
Have faith that once you concentrate, you will do.

You can learn how to read your position. You can learn how to work with an unreliable map. You can learn to pass an inaccurate compass.

After all, I can not go on forever, right? That’s right. Every group I lead always succeeds in finding direction.
And to you too, it is nothing compared to you.



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