All Women Get Fat After They’re Married

The wedding is over and it’s time to settle down in your new home, learn new rules of the house and adjust living with a new set of people.


The wedding is over and it’s time to settle down in your new home, learn new rules of the house and adjust living with a new set of people. Though most brides-to-be go on a weight loss diet to look stunning on D-Day, they often tend to put on weight post marriage. A new research also supports the claim that couples put on weight once they tie the knot. If you are newly-wed and wondering what the cause of your expanding waistline is, here are a few answers. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar in her book ‘Women & The Weight Loss Tamasha’ explains a few reasons why this happens especially with women.

Your diet goes for a toss

Weddings take a toll on your body as you eat meals made in bulk for hundreds of people and at weird hours. Right after the exhausting three-day long affair you go for your honeymoon trip where you again eat outside food. Not just this, since it’s a new house, you have to adjust to the daily schedule which adds to the stress. A bad diet combined with stress means loss of nutrition. So, essentially, you gorge on calories but do not give your body the essential nutrients. This results in deficiency of vitaman B, calcium, etc. leading to cravings at odd hours and lack of energy. And you wonder why you have suddenly put on 5 kilos. Read – how to lose weight from thighs and hips.

Your eating habits change

Perhaps the first thing a newly married woman has to do is to cook for her new family. Your body is used to a certain style of cooking in terms of the spices used, the taste, etc. But you are likely to change this to impress your in-laws and hubby and adopt their cooking methods. Your body reacts to this by altering your digestive pattern. And if it is an inter-cultural marriage, you perhaps have to change your food habits completely. A Punjabi woman married to a Bengali man would suddenly have to start eating rice and fish post marriage. All these changes cause weight gain. Here the way help you weight loss

You eat out more often

The ‘newly married’ tag means you have the freedom to go out and binge every weekend, sometimes weekdays too! Not just that, you have several dinner parties to attend to get to know the extended family, friends, relatives, family friends, etc. So more often than not, at least one of your meals is outside food which is often rich in calories and low in nutrition. And saying no to these invites is usually not an option. All these soon reflect on your waistline.

Your priorities change

Admit it, when you were single you could easily get your way but after marriage, you often have to step down and let go of your choices. Your priorities change and you are often last on your own list. So you are either cooking your hubby’s favourite dish or eating leftovers because you don’t want to waste food. Managing work, household chores, kids, etc. coupled with a hazy eating pattern can leave you feeling exhausted. You are likely to indulge in cravings for the lack of satisfaction from your meals and put on weight.

You care less

Before the wedding, it is all about looking stunning which means hours in the gym, portion control, and so on. But once the wedding is over and responsibility strikes, your health takes a backseat. Women often let go and do not bother much about their bodies or fitness. Gym hour is replaced by cooking hour and diet as we mentioned goes for a toss. All these changes make you put on weight post marriage. Here are 10 simple weight loss tips for women.


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