Reducing belly fat is not only about exercising, but it is also needed in combination with healthy diet and living.
Waist measurement not only shows your shape, it also shows your health status. Abdominal fat can also be a sign of disease, so balance your abdominal fat to both fit and fit. Reducing belly fat is a difficult task, daily routine is also a factor that makes it difficult to reduce fat in your waist.

A way of life too fast, too dangerous

Your busy life with work, everyday activities, makes you ignorant of cooking, and you start your meal with fast food, fast food. “Take away food” becomes a close friend in your life. But that “friend” is not good at all, eating such things makes it difficult for you to control the changes in your body, leading to uncontrolled intake of calories. Therefore, try to arrange time to prepare yourself enough meals for the body, because only you know what you need.

A rushed lifestyle is one of the reasons why you do not lose belly fat
A rushed lifestyle is one of the reasons why you do not lose belly fat

 Drink plenty of alcohol

A beer and alcohol are harmful to health. Drinking too much alcohol can damage your body, affect your health, increase your fat, and interfere with your belly fat.

In case of forced to drink, you should drink moderately. Do not drink too much, and when finished, purify your body with a glass of water.

Alcohol harms your health and prevents your fat loss

Sleep is lost

You can not sleep all night because of different reasons. Perhaps most commonly, your body is loaded with alcohol, caffeine, sweets … and using a phone before bedtime also makes it hard to sleep at night.

Therefore, let your body rest after a day of fatigue by sleeping on time, not using the phone before bed and should turn on the airplane mode to avoid the electronic waves that affect the brain.

Sleeping insufficient sleep causes your body fatigue resulting in fat accumulation


stress causes a lot of health effects, affecting muscle mass and body fat. If you can “eat enough, get enough sleep, stay fit” then you can completely deal with stress. Exercise, also helps you to deal with stress problems.

Balance your life, not to stress your health, as well as your spirit



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