Love is very beautiful feelings, worth to cherish. Finding the right half is hard, how to keep love long and have a beautiful end is not everyone knows how. Here are 10 things you should do when you love to be strong.

1. Believe each other but not blind

Belief is the backbone of all relationships. However, do not blindly trust. When you feel your relationship is having a problem, listen to the heart, refer to external sources.
If you just listen to him, you will turn yourself into naive in love. If you think checking your phone, text message, computer will take control of them, you are wrong. You deserve to have a relationship where both are rich enough to believe that they are not always together.

2. Do not ignore the romantic details

Couples who have fallen in love, they still have a lot to do and many other preoccupations such as gathering with friends, going to school, going to work or simply going home on time. An evening date would be very different from a weekend or a midday party … If you get stuck in the middle of the plan, at least make an appointment for the meeting. One night a month to feel the special romance that only people in love have the opportunity to enjoy.
Choosing a nice space restaurant, having the food you both love, with small gifts, bouquets, dinner together, heart is also not a bad idea. In addition, there are plenty of choices for your appointments and those in the evening as walking together, watching the night, attending youth events.
Love is the best time in one’s life. Enjoy it as much as possible, and precious nothing to enjoy this beautiful life in the person you want to stick with.

3. Be yourself and respect the true human of partner

One of the things to keep in mind when loving is always being yourself and respecting the true human partner. You fall in love with a guy because he has some attraction you like humor, thoughtfulness. But when you fall in love for a long time, you realize that you have points that you are not satisfied with. Do not try to change him or to want him to please you, because love can only exist when you accept, but when you can not accept it, you should stop it instead of trying to shape it. Myself.
Likewise, do not try to change for someone. Many women are always expecting to marry and their men will change and they will only find happiness if the partners change their minds and become more and more perfect as they are expected. This desire is very easy for your partner to misunderstand and spark many wars between you and your husband.

4. Less grumbled and ready for any debate

When there is love, there are countless things that you and the person disagree. Being a regular, there is something you have to do with it because it is the reason why relationships break down. When disagreements occur, silence will not solve the problem. In contrast, you must be willing to psychologically “fight” with your partner. Do not grumble too much because those who are falling in love are usually at an age when both you and your partner are not really grown up. You will lose respect for your partner whenever there is a disavowal and repeated grumbling. High self-esteem, vulnerability, or psychological tendencies that seek to protect your personal self to the end will turn all of your controversy into negative. So it’s better to get rid of it. As calm as possible, try to control your words, you will find love more beautiful and worth more. Talking healthy, a little jealous … will show that you are always interested in your partner and help them understand each other better.

5. Do not stare past the enemy

You want to build a happy relationship with the person you love often, just do not look at his past. Once you are too concerned about your past, you will be obsessed with things that are not relevant to you and hardly satisfy your current life. Save your love, energy and personal effort to nurture your current relationship as well as build a better future.

6. Maintaining friendships

Never exclude yourself from groups you have ever had just because you want to spend 24/7 days with the person you love. That is one of the things to pay special attention to when you love. He is certainly not the only one important to your life. There will be a lot of people who want to spend time with you and you need them when they are happy and sad.

7. Take turns paying the fee

The notion that boys are always paid people is outdated. It will not matter if you are the proactive person standing up to pay for dinner, coffee, watching movies , He not only not “lost face” but also appreciate your actions, because in his eyes You are not a girl who loves money or see love as an opportunity to eat, play for free.

8. Always listen, talk and express realistic expectations

You will not be able to converse and understand what he or she says without careful attention. Never talk while watching TV or glued to your phone. When the mood is not good, you should try to hide the anger and negative emotions to focus on listening to the speaking partner. Become a listener, you will understand him more and strengthen the intimacy of his relationship.

9. Do not try to control everything.

Sensitive women try to put everything in their control. While a healthy relationship requires you to be flexible. Too strict with your partner, you will just push him away from you.
Do not try to control everything from the smallest things. Everyone needs their own space, which requires privacy. Although love a few but everyone has the secret do not want others to know. However, trying to control things will not be a good way

10. Use tests for love

When we love, sometimes we do not know the true feelings of the enemy if there are no wind problems. The tests in love will help us better understand the emotions and real people of the enemy.
There are a lot of tests, such as trying out a heated debate, trying once in a sickness, trying once to make the enemy jealousy, trying once to be forced to choose … Do not despise the seemingly simple experiments This is extremely useful for your love



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